0021: Triagonal Slide-Out

I hope you already tried my first java-applet "0019: Crazy Elephant Dance". Now I proudly present to you my second one - which has been more difficult to program. Apart from a simple paper-model this puzzle only exists in the following java-version. So, there is no mechanical version for this at the moment.
The objective is to slide the red piece out of the tray. To do this you have to slide away all blocking pieces. 40 Levels are given, starting with easy ones and increasing in difficulty and size.

(java-applet, 426 Kb in total)

Try and have fun.

The following persons successfully have solved all levels of this puzzle:
Christian Oudard, Rob Drury, Rob Leach, Roger Phillips, Andreas Schicks, Frank Potts, Fred Saunders, Bryce Herdt, Thomas Klimpel, Quentin Long, 'DaGreatOneMPG', Andrea Gilbert, Peter Rösler, Mike Browne, Karst Koymans, Anja Glembotzki, Tom Whelan, Frank Mastrangelo, Andrew Crager, Katherine Birchmore, Cathie Wl., Christopher Collet, Kary Atti, Attila Kertes, Jarno Honkanen, Juha Perälä, Sami Savio, Tom Cutrofello, Roland Koch, Komlósi Sándor, Rick Eason, Cary Kawamoto, Daniel Holtzman, Jani Hartonen, Bt. Azonos, Erik Toft, Burkard Polste, Stanislav Knot, Simeon Durdovic, Ronen Shouker, Josef Stöckl, Nicholas Leon-Schetina, Secujski.

(after solving ALL levels in one JAVA-session you will be shown a code ...)

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