objective The objective is to slide the red piece out of the tray (lower right exit).
To do this you have to slide away all the blocking pieces. 40 Levels are given, starting with easy ones and increasing in difficulty and/or size.
rules Each piece only can be moved along its main direction - backward and forward. You can move a piece as long as there is no other piece blocking. There can be situations, where you will be able to slide a second piece out of the way while moving a piece.
instructions How to use keyboard and mouse:

shortkeys description
,     Use the computer mouse to grab a piece and slide it along its main direction.
, f, l   (first, last) With the buttons "fast backward" and "fast forward" you will go the the first/last level (level 1 / level 40).
, p, n, +, -   (previous, next) With these buttons you go to the previous/next level.
r   (restart) If you have moved yourself into a hopelessly lost situation, you can reset the pieces to the starting position of this level
Select a level.
On the top right there is a counter for the number of moves. If you move a piece and end up with another configuration of pieces, then it is counted as a move.
The counter only should give you a feeling for "how far you are away from the starting position".